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Polynesian Dance Classes
Polynesian Dance - Hula, Tahitian, Maori
Ages: 3 & Up 

Class Descriptions

Hula is Hawaiian dance. It is a beautiful art form and culturally significant practice that embraces and perpetuates Hawaiian history, legend, and culture. The dancers tell stories using the hands. A repertoire of graceful foot and hip motions complete the dance. The classes will include language and culture and depending on the level both Hula Kahiko and Hula 'Auana.

Another form of Polynesian dance which expresses the history, legends and culture of Tahiti using dance to tell not just stories but express emotions and situations. In Tahitian more emphasis is placed on hip work and it is more strenuous than Hula. The classes will include language and culture and depending on the level both Otea and Aparima.

Maori Poi Balls
From the island of New Zealand. "POI" is the Maori word for "ball" on a cord
The POI was used, many years ago, by the Maori people to increase their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving coordination. Students will learn how to move the poi balls in various patterns.

Students in all Polynesian dance classes must be able to focus, learn about and respect the selected culture. Students and parents must be aware of the fact that some parts of the culture and therefore class will be very different than what they know. All Polynesian classes respect the cultures and follow certain rules based on the requirements of those cultures. Students and parents will be expected to respect and follow those rules.
Parents are welcome in these classes to watch, but must allow teachers to correct their students and must not undermine the teacher. Parents may not help their students with any moves unless the teacher specifically asks.

Required Clothing
Female dancers will be required to wear a Pa'u skirt with appropriate active wear that allows both modesty and movement. Male dancers will be required to wear shorts and T-shirt. All female dancers will need to purchase a level appropriate pa'u but until each dancer has their own, pa'u will be provided. Dancers will also be required to purchase as set of ferns that will be used in class and at shows.

Hair may be down but should be secured away from the face. If the student has other dance classes before or after, the hair requirements for those classes may be used in any of the Polynesian classes.

Required Shoes
There are usually no shoes for Polynesian. Students may not wear socks except at the teacher's discretion.  
We will have online ordering for your convenience to order required pa'u and ferns as well as other dance related merchandise. 

Polynesian dance students will be invited to perform as part of the Hula Ho Aloha Dance Company when appropriate shows are available. Only dancers who have learned their dances and have shown respect, focus and appropriate behavior will be invited to perform. Nursing home shows will be available for all classes.

Recital Costumes
If you choose to participate in our Recital you will need to order a class costume. Most costumes are hand-made. In some cases the students may be required to make or help make part of their costume. We try to keep our costume prices as low as possible. Polynesian costumes are used over and over, especially if the student participates in our show troupe. New pieces and accessories may occasionally be required.

What Polynesian Class is for your dancer?
Kamalei Hula  is for ages 3-5 year olds  
Keiki Hula is for ages 6-9 
Kamahine 1 Hula is for ages 10-12
Kamahine 2 Hula is for ages 13-18. 
Wahine 'opio Hula is for ages 19-29
Wahine/Kane Hula is for students 30 & older, 
Kapuna Hula is for those 55 & over or those who want a slower classes.
Tahitian Tamarii is for ages 6-9, 
Tahitian is for ages 10 & up.
Poi Balls is for ages 6 & up

Most classes after the Kamalei level are combined Polynesian classes which will include Hula, Tahitian and Poi Balls.