Aloha and welcome to our site. 

Hula Ho Aloha means Friends in Dance and we love to make new friends.
Hula Ho Aloha Polynesian Dance Company and the Hawaiian Hunnies Keiki (Childrens) Performance Troupe is dedicated to sharing the gift of Aloha with everyone we meet. Authentic Polynesian dances, costuming, culture and audience participation create an exciting, fun and informative addition to any event.
Hula Ho Aloha performs all over the tri-state area (NJ, PA & DE) at private parties, luaus, campgrounds, corporate events. (Click here for show information)We also do a lot of community work at Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Schools and Youth Groups.
If you would like to reserve Hula Ho Aloha for your event or group please call 856-397-0450 or email

In addition to performances and demonstrations Hula Ho Aloha also has classes in Hawaiian, Tahitian and Maori dance. Click here for class schedule and information.

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Hula Ho Aloha Polynesian Dance Company is located at 611 Elm Ave. in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. We are dedicated to sharing the Spirit of Aloha with everyone through performances and classes. Authentic music, dance and costuming bring the beauty of Polynesia to the tri-state area.
Sharing the exotic beauty of the Hawaiian, Tahitian and Maori cultures,is our passion. We love performing for and entertaining audiences of all ages.
Luaus, birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries and more, Hula Ho Aloha will make any event unforgettable.
And wiwth Hula Ho ALoha you can continue to experience the Spirit of Aloha by joining us in one of our Hawaiian/Tahitian or Maori classes. Learn the culture, learn to hula (dance), embrace the Spirit of Aloha. Call or email now to join a class or schedule a show.    

This page was last updated: January 20, 2014